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  1. Tires

    And john at sandtoyz unlimited sold me the wheels and drag cut them.
  2. Tires

    MKE Motorsports had them put together for me, I would say 115+ hp would be good starting point (depending on rollout of the tire), 18 lbs each (due to being made from a slick), and $1100 and some change...
  3. Tires

    Yeah I know about the traditional setups, these are the ones I just had made, but instead of a sprint car tire with tread, they are made from full slicks.. the sidewalls are stiffer so I'm assuming I'll be able to run lower psi. So I am curious if I'm the only one with this theory in mind.
  4. Tires

  5. Tires

  6. Tires

    has anyone else had a set of paddles made from slicks?
  7. Helmet

    yes indeed.. I have helmets for occasion Lol.. I posted a picture of one of them its the shoei, hit the pavement doin 100+ mph. I even Still wear it from time to time..
  8. Helmet

    this one saved my life
  9. Helmet

    Sometimes more expensive isn't always better Lol, the shoei and arai are 1500 worth in helmets, and the hjc is a cheap one and its light and comfortable..
  10. Helmet

    I have a shoei, hjc/cs12, agv, and an arai, the hjc is my favorite..
  11. Example: a friend of mine has a triple, and a brand new chain snapped and slapped him in the back.. (530 chain) Also a lot of asphalt tracks go by ihra rules, and that is a requirement along with a few other rules that will have you in question..
  12. Cotton Branch Racing

    . My case saver from cottonbranch racing!! Really nice! Could be a murder weapon if used right!!
  13. 1/4 Mile Secret Weapon, LOL!

    not big on running the 1/4, its cool and all just not for me.. get my kicks in the 1/8 and 300'
  14. 1/4 Mile ATV Drags

    This was first shakedown pass out of the trailer!! Love it!!
  15. 1/4 Mile Secret Weapon, LOL!

    I ran the 1/8 today at a local track, coasted a 11.2 in the 1/4 @56 mph