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  1. Getting closer.....woot woot
  2. Redline Racing 10mil super cub and Wheelman Chassis

    Np and i loved racing that hill when we where there yrs ago.
  3. Redline Racing 10mil super cub and Wheelman Chassis

    Looks bad azz John....what hill is that dumont?
  4. SAFETY - Whats your opinion?

    I think Long sleve shirts and boots past the ankles should be a must for any one racing. I do agree once people get faster then 3.99 they should be wearing a little more gear for sure neck brace, chest plate ect.
  5. We will have $100 for the Fastest RT "reaction time" for Friday night and Saturday night.
  6. SandSlingers shootout 2014, at Midwest Sand Drags, 2900 Old Hwy 8, Norfolk Ne 68791. Come join us for the 2nd annual SandSlingers race, and help us make it the best one yet. Classes for all ATV's,including Side X Sides. Bracket Racing on Friday, and Heads-Up Classes on Saturday. $10.00 at the gate, Per Day, $20.00 TNT Per Day, Class fee's vary. ABSOLUTELY NO ALCOHOL BEFORE, OR DURING RACING, FOR ALL RIDERS!!! If we catch any rider drinking before or during racing, you will be shut down, and not allowed to race, anymore that day. Thursday, TNT from Noon till 10pm Friday, TNT from Noon till 5pm, and Bracket Racing from 6pm till 2am, if needed Saturday, TNT from Noon till 5pm, and Heads Up Racing from 6pm till 2am, if needed Bracket Classes Youth adults Heads Up Classes 2 Stroke 1) Stock Cylinder 2) Twin Limited 0-425cc 3) twins Limited 0-525cc 4) twins Limited 0-650cc 5) twins Limited 0-775cc 6) Open Twin Unlimited 7) Multi Cylinder Unlimited 4 Stroke, Single Cylinder 8) 0-505 small block limited OEM Frame 9) 506-650 small blocks limited OEM Frame 10) 0-770 big block limited OEM frame 11) 0-1000 OEM Frame LIMITED 2 and 4 stroke Single Cylinder 12) Single Cylinder Unlimited, 2 and 4 stroke (any frame) V Twin 13) Limited 14) Unlimited Conversion Bike 15) Limited 16) Unlimited * $100 for the Best Reaction Time on Friday night, paid by Rules 1) No drivers are allowed to consume alcohol or drugs during racing. If you are found to be impaired you will be disqualified. 2) No burnouts allowed prior to prestaging. 3) No bikes will be allowed for a "clean out" in prestage area consisting of stands or individuals holding the bike off the ground. 4) Helmets and eye protection must be worn. 5) 5 mph speed limit in the pits 6) A rider can only ride one bike per class...If caught riding 2 bikes, he will be disqualified. Additionally, the rider will be disqualified. 7) If a bike breaks, you cannot change bikes after it has qualified...If caught doing so, you will be disqualified. 8) No racing in the pits (5mph strictly enforced) If caught, you may be ask to leave without your money back. 9) Must have someone with bike in staging lanes. Not track officials’ job to keep up with you 10) If you red light, don't move. If you move you are out. If you don’t move, we can check the beams for obstruction. If obstructed by dirt, we will re-run that pair. 11) If a bike breaks down, there is a 5 min wait. If the bike is not there, the race moves on. 12) If a bike crosses the centerline of the track before they get to the finish line, they are disqualified. 13)No studded tires allowed 14)Once bike is prestaged, No one is allowed to move or push the bike to stage. Driver must be in control. This applies to all riders 13 years of age and up. 15) The rider of the bike must register the bike for the class and must be listed in the tower as the rider of the bike, not the owner of the bike. Hotels, Camping and Food Norfolk offers several hotels, and restaurants. The Offroad Ranch (where Midwest Sand Drags is located), has 75 camper spots, that offer electricity and water. $15.00 per night, or $40.00 for 3 nights. Primitive Camping, with no hook ups, is free. We have a great food vendor, at the track, Scotts Food Shack, with some of the best BBQ around.