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  1. SAFETY - Whats your opinion?

    After what happened at the track last year that kid loosing his life... makes them safety rules seem very minor..
  2. SAFETY - Whats your opinion?

    Yea at blairbedford. But the thing is every1 builds around the rules and its a pretty level playing field.
  3. SAFETY - Whats your opinion?

    Our local track that I race at requires front brakes, heel guards, boots, pants, and a long sleeve shirt. It sucks but its that or no racing...
  4. chassis ?

    Ok I really want to do this myself. I know every1 says to call this guy or that guy but I really want to do this on my own. Wondering tho what caster angle to set the spindles and what is the best size and thickness tubing to use that would be safe on a rougher dirt track. Any help would really be appreciated.
  5. Sand Hustler Bike

    What is that that you used for the fuel tank? I like the aluminum pivot bolt I had 1 custom made for my zilla.
  6. american racers

    I have a set of brand new 20x10x10 sd 23 american racers. Id like to sell these as I have no use for them. Not sure what they are worth. They are on 10x9 Blue labels can sell with or w/o wheels.
  7. chassis ?

    I got it all figured out thanks tho..
  8. chassis ?

    Just looking for some opinions. No 1 builds anything for the quadzilla's so im gonna give it a shot.
  9. chassis ?

    I want to built a bolt on ridgid front end. Where can I find the c brackets and spindles? And what is the best size thickness tubing to use?
  10. wtb 8x10 blue labels

    Where can I buy 8x10 blue labels?