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  1. chassis ?

    I would use the same as stock stock as far as castor and what not. Tubing size will depend on material type and what not.
  2. my YFZ450

    Yeah its about 10hp high for a stocker. Just call it sb/ss. Lol
  3. wildcats

    If you ain't on the bus, now be a good time to jump on!!! We burning couches tonight. #bbn. #win9forstein
  4. chassis ?

    Most people use a Jr dragster spindle setup. If you haven't called stellar performance I would go that route first. Then I would venture out on my own.
  5. fuel

    Mr12. Some super high compression motors use mrx01
  6. my YFZ450

    Looks good
  7. my YFZ450

    Looks good
  8. Welcome!

    Reppin' ky!!!