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  1. Raptor 700 Case Brace

    Raptor 700 internal case brace available NOW!! After making over 80hp range, we have found that Raptor 700 cases can not take the HP generated, and can eventually crack cases at the crankshaft main bearing, we cracked our case right away at 90+ HP. Balancing helps but does not fix the problem. Here is the solution! You won't be breaking cases anymore! 35.00 shipped. (971)600-3290 ATV Parts Central 1320 Liberty st ne ste 100 Salem, OR 97301 Mon-Fri 9:30am to 6pm
  2. Yamaha Raptor 700 2006-2014 SCE 102mm Stock Bore and 105.5mm/108mm Big Bore Copper Top end Gasket $94.95 Blowing head gaskets on your High compression Raptor 700? Here is your solution! With a built in fire ring and extra sealing capability's, these gaskets will take the abuse! SCE Makes the BEST High HP gaskets on the market! These head gaskets are run by the pros including Cuervo Racing, APC Racing, Racer's Edge AZ, and many more! These head gaskets are made for high HP motors delivering the best sealing choice on the market, combined with ARP head studs, you will have a unbeatable combo! Go with the best, heck with the rest, choose SCE head gaskets for your sealing needs. ICS TITAN HEAD GASKETS Not all solid copper gaskets are created equal. SCE uses premium 99% pure copper sheets rolled to our specifications (choice of 12 different thicknesses) and tested for uniform flatness to assure precise cylinder head-to-block alignment and eliminate uneven loading. After processing, each gasket is annealed to ensure optimum mating and provide measurable gains in cylinder sealing, as evidenced by lower leak-down percentages. ICS TITAN HEAD GASKETSPatented Integral Combustion Seals perform the function of O-ringed blocks and heads without the added machining costs. They also provide extra sealing in high combustion pressure environments where rules prohibit O-ringing. The ICS Titan features stainless steel O-ring wire inserted into the gasket body around the cylinder bore, with combustion pressure forcing the flanges against the head and block for a self-energized secondary seal. Coolant and oil seals also included. ICS TITAN HEAD GASKETSSCE takes solid copper gaskets to the next level by adding patented coolant and oil seals to provide effective containment channels with a minimal clamping load. They are on both sides of the gasket and offset so that when compressed they lie in a single plane with the gasket body thereby “tripping” additional clamp load to the combustion seal, allowing for increased cylinder sealing. *** Included: 1 Copper Raptor 700 Head Gasket as shown. (971)600-3290 ATV Parts Central 1320 Liberty st ne ste 100 Salem, OR 97301 Mon-Fri 9:30am to 6pm
  3. Direct Drive Raptor 700 and Banshee Time Release Lockout Clutch The time release lockout, allows the addition of extra weight on the fingers to eliminate clutch slipping in the top end while allowing the finger springs to hold back engagement that will allow clutch slipping at the start. Direct Drive's system employs the use of a custom spring attached from the finger to the body. There are two attachment points on the finger and two on the body. This will allow a simple and quick adjustment to the tension of the spring. Move the spring from one location to the next to increase or decrease the tension. More tension = an increase in the amount of time before the finger will apply force on the pressure plate. This will allow more clutch slipping at the start. Decrease the tension and the finger will apply force on the pressure plate sooner providing less clutch slippage at the start. *Machined out of 7075 aluminum, about 50% stronger than 6061. *Inter-connected center to further increase strength/ the above two points are very important in this application due to running considerable more weight on the fingers. *Steel stops added to finger weight location- eliminates fingers from slamming into aluminum body. **Includes one time release lockout and spring/weighting kit, as pictured. (971)600-3290 ATV Parts Central 1320 Liberty st ne ste 100 Salem, OR 97301 Mon-Fri 9:30am to 6pm
  4. Raptor 700 SuperPegs lockout clutch brake lever for stock height pegs. 139.95 polished or 119.95 powder coated black shipped. (971)600-3290 ATV Parts Central 1320 Liberty st ne ste 100 Salem, OR 97301 Mon-Fri 9:30am to 6pm
  5. Raptor 700 Big Bore Kits

    Raptor 700 105.5 Big Bore kits, always in stock! 11.0:1, 12.5:1, 14.0:1, 14.0:1 lightened Cp piston choices available makes 734cc, combine with a 5mm crank for a 778cc super duner! BB cylinder Kit 549.95 shipped! (Lightened Piston +49.95) Give us a call: 971-600-3290 Mon-Fri 9:30am to 6pm ATV Parts Central 1320 Liberty st ne ste 100 Salem, OR 97301