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  1. Suspension geometry??

    Thanks for the input I'd just like to try building the single a-arm first and if it's to sketchy I can change it all around later and try again.
  2. I'm new with this stuff and am building a hill shooter/ drag chassis for my puma cylinder honda. I have started the build and the plan is to make this a single a-arm chassis all out of 4130 moly. I'm looking for opinions and help on where my angle for a rear shock should be, from what I understand for dragging none of the oem setups are ideal. For the front my ideas are to have 10* of caster and I think 4-5* camber don't have all my notes in front of me to remember exactly. Any info is appreciated thanks in advance.
  3. Allow myself to introduce myself...

    Cool new site thanks for the hard work to put it all together