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  1. Avenal Drags - California

    Jesus. The pics you take are always so awesome!!
  2. Avenal Drags - California

    Very nice pics. Vids?!?
  3. SAFETY - Whats your opinion?

    No i hear ya. Main reason im running front brakes is because of the tracks around me require them. The bike will also see dunes, and i DO like the idea of the added stopping power incase of any oh shit moments.
  4. SAFETY - Whats your opinion?

    Bedford drags in Pa require all that.. Whats the big deal with front breaks other then a little drag? If ya make enough powa, ya would carry them anyways:)
  5. BansheeCasesaver

    Bump for kick ass case saver. Fits like a glove!
  6. 1/4 Mile Secret Weapon, LOL!

    Ok, make sense. focusing on clutch control is scarfing the rt.
  7. 1/4 Mile Secret Weapon, LOL!

    i totally understand that speed means nothing in bracket racing. What i dont understand is how a different clutch setup is playing a roll in your reaction times? Shouldn't the slower reaction times be focused on the jockey? Im sorry if this is a dumb question. I maybe just completely over looking the obvious.
  8. 1/4 Mile Secret Weapon, LOL!

    Why are you going back to your old setup? I understand if your main goal is/was not to try and be faster, but since you did, isent that a bonus?
  9. monster quad exhaust system

    Looks good!! Where did you decide to mount the holsters??
  10. Redline Racing 10mil super cub and Wheelman Chassis

    One of my favorites!
  11. Sand Hustler Bike

    Very nice bike! Lots of time spent on this beauty! What kind of dyno #'s did it produce? Oh wait, let me guess. This is a drag racing site so you forget:)
  12. BansheeCasesaver

    i will no doubt as soon as i get motor back from Cam.
  13. Cotton Branch Racing

    Received my case saver. Cant be happier with it. Great craftsmanship, super communication, and fast shipping. Thanks again.
  14. BansheeCasesaver

    Got my case saver yesterday. Top notch quality for sure! Great communication, fast shipping, and kick ass product! Cant ask got much more! Thanks again
  15. SAFETY - Whats your opinion?

    We sell these at my work. We do down hill mt. Biking during the summer. I picked one up at a smoking deal:)