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  1. Any Michigan guys planning on running asphalt this season?

    Hoping to run Ubly Labor Day weekend with 1 drag car & 2 drag quads.
  2. 1/4 Mile Secret Weapon, LOL!

    We have done an extensive amount of clutch testing/R&D. The ideal clutch set-up in most scenarios is to have both the best reactions & quickest ET. Now, getting to the Jockey? In this set-up we have to slip the clutch out manually. That's one of the problems is human inconsistency. We prefer to set-up our clutch like we do in our race only set-ups. Dump the clutch lever out & rely on our clutch set-up to do the slipping mechanically. We always go back to what worked the best before. If we find the same results, slow reactions. Then we have other ways to quicken the reaction times either in the clutch set-up or other methods.
  3. 1/4 Mile Secret Weapon, LOL!

    We are bracket racing, it really doesn't matter how fast we are. Our reactions were terrible this race. We are running on a .400 pro light & set-up is key to good reactions. Our best light this weekend was a .034 & probably averaged around a .050 something. Them lights don't cut it in this class & contributed to our second place this time out. Now, take our 1st race. Our worst light in eliminations was a .024, followed by a .006, .003 & .001 in the finals for the win. The only change we made to the quad for the second race. Was a small change in base pressure in the clutch set-up!
  4. 1/4 Mile Secret Weapon, LOL!

    Secret weapon goes to the finals in second points race. We had to settle for 2nd place. Even though we are trying not to go fast. We went 13.64 today @ 88 mph, it's the best ET so far without trying. We only made one change; lowered the base pressure a little. It went faster, but we gave up some reaction time. We will set-up the clutch like the 1st race.
  5. New Direct Drive Time Release lockouts

    IMO, based off our clutch experience since 2004 on asphalt, hill shooting & 300'. This is a step up from a standard lock-up, but I prefer the original multi-stage designs & their variants. As far as I know this is the original design multi-stage for a Banshee. As with most lock-ups they started with the automotive motorsports side back in the late 60's. Then the designs where adapted over for use in our close cousins, the motorcycles. Finally, the technology makes it over to ATVs. This is based on my own studies of clutch tuning in Motorsports. This is one example of a variant of the above multi-stage.
  6. Bako Sand drags 2/28 thru 3/2 anyone going ?

    They ran yesterday & supposed to run today. Not great conditions from what I here.
  7. Bako Sand drags 2/28 thru 3/2 anyone going ?

    Pretty sure my two twin sons will be there, I haven't decided yet.
  8. Secret Weapons Wins Points Opener Race!

    I know it's hard to keep track of things on the forums, LOL! I started 2 Secret Weapon Banshee threads. The 1st one was a flop & I figured this one would get somebody's attention. The 2 threads were started to show what a beginner or an experienced rider/tuner could do with a basic run of the mill Banshee play bike. This bike spends most of its time desert/dune riding. To answer your questions: no & guessing around 5,000 rpm. Now, on our full drag quad when running 300', asphalt or the hill. We use a launch limiter (9,300-10,300 rpm depending) & other things to help with reactions & consistency.
  9. Secret Weapons Wins Points Opener Race!

    I'm mainly going to hit on the secret weapons success so far. The proof of the pudding will be in the points series (12 more races) end results; good or bad. Information: This was the 4th time on asphalt for the Secret Weapon. It has won, (1) 2nd place & went 2-4 rounds in the other 2 races. I'm only going to cover a couple keys in this race, but there was a few more. These areas were used for bracket racing 1/4 mile asphalt. These basic items can also be used for index/heads up on 300' sand or 1/8 mile. Get the bike to react In the 1st 3 races we had ran the bike on a .500 full tree. Testing this past weekend we were going red on the full tree. The reason was smaller RO front tires than what was used in the past. Solution, go to the .400 pro light (the class has the option to split the tree) LOL! The lights were .040-.070, not good enough to be competitive. With some changes in tire pressure, launch rpm, rear strut height, little clutch magic & few undisclosed tricks. We brought the reactions down to .001-.026 lights. Consistency The changes (last paragraph) above also helped with the consistency/predictability of the quad. One of the key items was rear tire pressure. We were using our wider 1/8 mile tires from our fast quad. We started at 15 lbs. pressure & ended up with 25 lbs. taking bite away from the tires. The only other thing we are wanting to do for consistency. Is lower the clutch base pressure a little more.
  10. Secret Weapons Wins Points Opener Race!

    LOL! I answered you in the Circus. I was hoping to get some discussion going, but nobody wants to know the ins & outs. We hope to (minimum) win a track championship this year with the secret weapon.
  11. 1/4 Mile Secret Weapon, LOL!

    Go ahead & run it out the back door in the 1/4, we would like to see a few more people doing it. There's only a few of us; 9s to low 10s is getting the job done pretty good. Keeping the motor alive is the challenge.
  12. Secret Weapons Wins Points Opener Race!

    I couldn't be more proud of my son for winning today. He's one of the best racer's out there on a drag quad or a drag car. He used his .003 light in the semis & .001 light on a .400 pro light in the finals to help win. Plus, using his racing savvy to walk thru the competition While most didn't pay much attention to the 1/4 mile secret weapon. I was hoping to get a little discussion going on how to compete with a basically stock Banshee. While there isn't a bunch of modifications on this quad. It lays down some pretty decent times, it's consistent, cuts good lights & is competitive.
  13. 1/4 Mile Secret Weapon, LOL!

    Testing today the secret weapon went 13.90 & 91. Its best times to date, a lot of people were impressed. LOL! I would hate to shock them with our other drag quad.
  14. Weight

    X3! Rules are to protect everyone involved with the sport.
  15. 1/4 Mile ATV Drags

    Just making sure, LOL!