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  1. when Drag Racing Became Popular

    whenever the first person said i am faster than you
  2. Chariot Billet Carbs

    it will be very neat to see the pwk type carb in a larger bore model!!
  3. Redline Racing 10mil super cub and Wheelman Chassis

    someday i really want to head out that way. and whatever canyon that the northshore guy's rip through. thats a spot meow!
  4. New Direct Drive Time Release lockouts

  5. Carolina Vs The World

    so a 14 mm stroka stock cyl is ok to run.
  6. Redline Racing 10mil super cub and Wheelman Chassis

    hey dont get me wrong bike looks killer.
  7. Redline Racing 10mil super cub and Wheelman Chassis

    yea bro.. i'll pm you. if i post more in here i'll just get ridiculed.. i'm tired of that not my fault the atv scene is a lil stiff headed..
  8. Suspension geometry??

    do a dual a-arm. unless its smooth sailing pretty much all the time.. the more rake you ahve in the front the better it will ride. also as long as the fron geo lines up good also is important. i have seen some very sketchy shit out there last few years. and no letting off at 80mph and the frame wants to shake or take a left turn is NOT normal... andd of course single a-arm setup with more than 1-2" travel in the nose dosent work either. rear geo is a li ltricky only a few have gotten it right. if you read a lot about street and offroad stuff you can start to relate a lot of that info to the build.. ( maybe) if you want pm me and i can tell you the best rear geo i have ridden or seen. worst thing is the design was changed for the newer chassis's and its messed up again ( wheelie to easy)
  9. Redline Racing 10mil super cub and Wheelman Chassis

    the oem chassis's swingarm, shock, no link, front sproket relationship is crap. with that much sag on a run its better( ppphh) but the chain is rubbing like hell on whatever chain slider or just bare swingarm pivot is in there. plus there is no suspension travel left at all.. the angle of the rear shock is so bad there is almost no shock action. what is there is stressing the frame and swingarm attachment point severely, i'm sure under power the shock is bottomed out ( i'm guessing) the motor is pulling the chain upwards with that much angle and actually lifting some of the weight off the rear tires.
  10. my YFZ450

  11. my YFZ450

    dont ya know the fast stuff is in ok oh and thats a fart can!!
  12. Gs powered Trx build

    what i meant was i'm sure it has a lot of really interesting details that would be cool to see. not trying to start a pissing match cheese n rice!
  13. Redline Racing 10mil super cub and Wheelman Chassis

    sweet bike. rear shock is too soft..
  14. 80+ roll out 16 paddle extreme on wheels

    i believe its a 9" rim. yamaha pattern.